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Virtual Experience


Vincent Venapen B. Valenzuela

Kalinga State University


Danica Mae Diokno

Philippine Normal University

This exhibit is very insightful! I was able to acquaint myself with factual information about the Chinese culture and its practices to eradicate poverty.


Therese Marie de Vera

Philippine Normal University

I enjoyed the exhibit because

I learned a lot.


Mari Fuentes

Philippine Normal University

Thank you do much for the experience. Having this exhibit online gave me an opportunity to go back and appreciate the exhibit at any hour I wish. I hope that everyone could live lives they worked hard for.

IMG20200904150556 - Lherra Ha.jpg

Helen H. Haibil

 Sulu State College

In the exhibit I've learned a lot, and I enjoyed myself specially in a game questions. Thank you so much.

20190331_221319 - Maria Aliah Reyes.jpg

Maria Aliah Reyes

Mapua University

It was a great experience to learn more about the cultures and strategies of another country in eradicating poverty. Through this virtual exhibit, we can adapt state-of-the-art solutions on how to improve our education system, health, and livelihood programs, that could make it accessible especially for indigenous people living in isolated areas. It is a sad reality that the natural environment is being compromised by industrialization and increasing human population, but by building a sustainable society, we can achieve ecological and economical balance for a better future.


Jed Isaac A. Cornel

 Polytechnic University
of the Philippines

Good, exciting, and very tensed.

IMG_20190906_190845 - Sanchez, JM- BCAED

John Michael Sanchez

Aklan State University

It is very interesting contest wherein we are able to gain new knowledge and ideas that is not familiar to us. I hope you will continue this kind of activity to encourage all the students and gain more knowledge. Thank you so much and congratulations to the organizers. It such an amazing experience.

FB_IMG_1613897371280 - Babylyn N. Aragon

Babylyn S. Nisal

Sulu State College

The exhibit is so much fun and well organized by the organizer. I really learned a lot. Thank you so much 🥰


Alyssa Faye A. Allejos

Philippine Normal University

I really enjoyed this virtual experience. I am thankful for the opportunity to discover and learn more about China and its culture. I also enjoyed the engaging activities.

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